Celebrating Women...for the Real World
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 Why This Blog:

The purpose of this blog is to celebrate women, real women, chaotic, turbulent, frazzled, extraordinary women.

Extraordinary women are women who work, play, live, raise children, married or single, who do it all, sometimes by choice, sometimes out of necessity, to make life rich and full.

One of the best things about doing this project is that we are very different individuals that approach things in very different ways. We do however share one passion, our families. Our goal with this blog and our future podcasts is to have a forum to share our thoughts, feelings, goals, desires and passions with other people, at the same time allowing them to share with us. We feel that women play such a strong role in the world, but tend to forget one very important thing, themselves!

What you will not find here is the image of women that advertisers and suburban life want you to project. You will find truth, honesty, and a sincere view of what is on our minds from incidents in everyday life, questions that arise, and even product reviews. We believe that it is O.K to cry a little but laugh a lot to help keep our sanity. As we progress through this adventure, we hope that something said or shared via this forum will touch someone in a positive way. We are not Martha Stewarts; we are not Queens of Clean, we are real women in an unrealistic world…..trying to keep it Real!

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