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Friday, September 29, 2006 The innocence Childhood. Where did it go?

Unfortunately, we aren't participating in SPF. Sorry guys, just too much going on these days! But because we have some regular blogging bitches that visit us (we just lurve our bitches), we didn't want anyone to go away feeling used and unwanted. So I thought I'd share a really obscure thought/pondering that has been swimming in my head.

Before I start, I wanted to post a disclaimer that this is just a thought and I am no way advocating one way to raise children vs. another. Also, please respect the rules of the sandbox. This is my blog and my thought. If you don't agree with me-fine. Please be respectful when leaving comments. If there is any mud slinging or sand throwing, you will be deleted!

Now that I've set you up to think this may be something really controversial, it's not. But this is about children. Child rearing is a very sensitive topic to any mother. We all try our best and do what we think is right or at least works at the time.

So here is my thought. So many kids today are considered to be hyper-active, or labeled as having Attention Deficit Disorder. Why is that? Is it because of our diets? Our lifestyle? The percentage of kids on meds for things such as this is rising steadily. This is a concern to me. I don't know why this concerns me, but it does. Is it possible that we are over stimulating our children?

Stop right there! I'm not saying you are right or wrong for anything that you do. It is a thought! That's it.

When I say "overstimulating" I refer to some things I've read in parenting mags and conversations of young mothers. There was a pregnant woman in the docs office stressed because she couldn't find the "Einstein Video" for children 6 mos. of age! Maybe because I'm past that stage of child rearing and I realize how fast time goes. I mean, do you know how sweet hugs, kisses and giggles are from a 6 mos. old? I didn't appreciate it as much then as I do now. If I had to stress about my kids "learning" whatever this video was teaching, I most likely would not have slowed down to appreciate my baby being a baby.

A mother of a kindergartner was stressed and overwhelmed at the work that was being sent home with her kindergartner. Our kinder students are now learning what was being taught at the end of 1st grade a few years ago. I'm not saying this is wrong because I know that the more we teach our kids, the more they will learn. But are we crossing boundaries? Do you know how much can be learned by a child sitting on the grass with mom, dad, or big brother/sister on a warm day with a gentle breeze? Most likely what is learned that day will be remembered forever! Yes, our kids may be able to read easy reader books at the age of four. But are we stressing them out in the process? Could this be a link to the behavior problems in our schools? Is it wrong that, when a child doesn't understand what is being taught by the teacher, the teacher's response is "I don't have time to help you because I have to move on." In the past, when a child was diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, it was thought that the meds were an excuse for the parent not disciplining their child correctly or were lazy and didn't want to take the time to train the child to behave appropriately. That my be the case in certain instances, but what about the other children? Could our efforts to create the smartest, most productive, well adjusted children be the cause?

Again-stop! I'm not saying any of you are wrong for anything that you are doing. I'm really wondering if there is a link.

Another reason that I've been pondering this is a comparison to the kids that I'm around in Texas. I worked and volunteered in the school and love, love, loved what I did. It was the best thing I've ever done as a career. Unfortunately-it doesn't pay squat. I've been around A LOT of kids. My step-daughters live in South Dakota. When they would come to visit, they were amazed that-every bedroom had a TV; each kid had a computer; we complained or thought it an inconvenience to have to run to the store-----which was five minutes away! Where they live, it is truly a farm town. The "bar" is also the post office, the fire station, the town hall, and whatever else it needs to be at any given time. It used to take them 45 mins. to get to school. The grocery store was 30-45 mins. They didn't have cable and their phone lines were down more than they were up due to the snow. When we went to visit the girls in their town, the one comment that my husband and I kept saying to each other was how well adjusted and friendly all of the kids were. Those kids were far more responsible and mature than a lot (See, I said A LOT.....NOT ALL) of the kids I've been around. My step-daughter just had a baby and I asked if she would be interested in the "Baby Einstein" tapes. Her response was "why would I want my baby watching TV so soon?"

OK-I told you there was no point to this post. Just mere thoughts meandering through that hard thing resting on my neck! Your thoughts? Remember, I have a delete button and I know how to use it!

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Thursday, September 28, 2006 Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll

I was going to entitle this post "Stuff floating through my head", but I decided that this title was far more exciting. This post actually has nothing to do with any of the above. Made ya look though, didn't it?

My brain is so full of "stuff", I'm not sure if this post will be anything more than useless shit that's taking up what little grey matter is left in my head. If it doesn't come out, my head may explode! Since TKW is such a good teacher, she has taught me the art of bullet points in blogging. I think that's what's in order today. If you keep reading, God bless you! If you don't, I'll leave with these pictures. This is my hubby's hotel room in Boston. Microsoft spared no expense. I told hubs to enjoy it cause our room looks like.....well, not that! Oh, and I told him to swipe one of the cool robes that came with the room. He didn't think Bill Gates would appreciate that.

On to the mindless dribble!

  1. Why will my little dog not go potty outside when my husband is out of town. I swear we had a stand-off this morning. Each looking at each other to see who would give in first! I considered lifting his little leg to give him the idea as to what he was too accomplish. I finally yelled at him and told him he was going to explode and I was going to come home to black puppy parts all over the living room! He went around the house for a few minutes then came back. I hope, hope, hope he took care of business.
  2. It seems Fajita Willies makes their Margaritas much stronger during the week than they do on the weekend. Ask me how I know!
  3. I'm getting too old to leave for work at 6:50 a.m.; work til 5:00; go directly to baseball field for son's game; sit through an extremely painful game; go to dinner; and finally make it back home at 9:30!
  4. When fajita meat gets stuck in your back molar and won't come out with floss, don't use a knife to remove said particle. Don't ask me how I know.
  5. My boss is an ass.
  6. One of the secretaries in the office is crazy. No, I mean CRAZY! Yesterday she told me that she wasn't talking to anyone because she has Pleurisy. She was sitting on her knees on the floor typing the other day because no one was paying attention to her. Crazy!
  7. It's supposed to be 59 in the morning! High of 80! Now I remember why I live in Texas!
  8. My daughter and I are going shopping for her homecoming dress on Saturday. I'll let you know if I made it out alive; or I'll post pics of the crime scene. Either way-check back
  9. Dallas Blogger Blow Out - Oh yeah! I have the date on the calendar circled in red! Red means that absolutely no exceptions can or will be made to mom's schedule! Yes!
  10. I think I need a root canal....or three. I go to the dentist on 10/10. I can't like the dentist. Dentists are evil. Just like gyno's when it's well woman check-up time!

Fshew! Much better now. Thank you for listening, er, reading my whining! You may now resume to your regularly scheduled programming!

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 Updates and Other Random Stuff

Needless to say it was an interesting weekend...

The first order are the lessons we learned when we decided to plant three trees in the back yard (in preparation of my Spring project). The most important thing I learned is that it is best to plant a tree after pouring rain, NOT before. On Saturday we bought the trees (70% off what a bargain); we then started on the hole. OMG I seriously thought we were trying to dig through brick the ground was so hard. In the middle of it all I got on the phone and called up a friend of ours in the neighborhood (who BTW is also a crazy home-improvement nut) in hopes that he owned a pick ax. Sure enough, he did! We only got the one tree in the ground and had to wait because it started storming.

The next day it was so much easier to plant the other two with the ground saturated.


During the course of the tree adventure, I managed to brake my glasses AND my sunglasses. The only way I could keep them on my head was to clip the one ear piece to my hair to hold them in place (that was lovely). However they were able to fix them on Monday and even better, both pair were still under warranty.


It took a few days for us to get the whole story but my son went on an emotional roller coaster this weekend. This is him and his date getting ready to leave for her Homecoming.

So around 10:30 pm we get a call from our son that that he is stuck in a ditch (remember above about the storm?...yeah..it was happening). So my heart is pounding and we go to get him. Silence the whole drive to rescue him from the ditch. When we get to the intersection where he was we find that the car is not in the ditch but has two wheels off the road and the car had stalled out on him. Big G restarts his car and drives it home.

We later have found out that his date treated him poorly and ignored him to the point that her friends were apologizing for her behavior. He got to a point where he had had enough and didn't feel well (he had been sick a couple of days last week), made sure she had a ride and left. That's when it started to pour and he started sliding in his car.

After all this drama, his date's mother has called G2 apologizing for her daughter's behavior and he has found out that her phone was taken away, she is not allowed on the Internet, and the promise of a car from her parents is retracted for now. Her father who is in Iraq, called her and chewed her out.

I don't know what she said to G2 and I don't think I want to know. He doesn't know if he will take her to his Homecoming as they had planned and that he needs to talk to her and clear up a few things. At least I know he won't be a push over and I am proud of how he is handling the situation.

Like sand through the hour glass...these are the days of our lives!

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 Tickle Tuesday

Yes, yes, yes! I know you LIVE for this! What's that? You don't know what Tickle Tuesday is? Well, when it's not Monday, and it's not yet Hump Day; then it MUST be Tickle Tuesday. Tickle Tuesday is our attempt to add a little humor to your life and make the week just a little brighter. Enjoy!

You Know You're Having A Bad Day When.........

I hate when this happens!

Talk abut a "Pain in The Butt"!

What else can I say but "Good Pussy"?

Um, "Bad Pussy"?

No Comment Necessary!

Hmm, not much different than being in an enclosed car with my husband and boys....with the windows up! I can't like it!

Yeah, we all know someone like this!

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Monday, September 25, 2006 Waste of Space Moday

"Waste of Space Monday is brought to you by Tammy over at Rant N' Ravin' Haven. This is where we present anything that's a huge Waste of Space. Like the below!

Need I say more? I have to admit, our Texans looked bad! Bad, bad, bad! I think our high school team has a stronger defense! I don't believe myself to be a "fair weather friend", but come on. When was the last time these guys one a game? Seriously. I can't like it!

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Friday, September 22, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!

TGIF! Friday just couldn’t get here fast enough. Kristine has given us another assignment for us to ponder. This week she has requested pictures of:

1. Something you have outgrown…
2. Something you have overcome...
3. I need help with…


This was a tough one since I was determined that I was NOT going to post a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore. Now that G2 is 17, and self sufficient I can't complain too much about giving up time. So here in my attempt to have a healthier lifestyle, I grew up and gave up the ole Cap’n Crunch and switched to Raisin Bran. Not as fun and tasty, but…well you know.


I didn’t do it alone; I actually don’t think I could have. What did I overcome? The fear of failure. You see, the first time around I never finished school. The all-mighty dollar became more important so I took fewer and fewer classes and worked as much as I could (yes, I know….young and dumb).

When I decided that I wanted to go back and finish I had many obstacles in front of me: I was married, had a son, we were so tight financially that we squeaked when we walked, and I wanted to totally change my Major. Then there was the ole fear of failure, especially during the first semester trying to get back in the swing of things. I wanted to quit so many times but Big G wouldn’t let me. He was my sanity, my rock and my glue that held things together until I graduated.


This one was so easy! Without a doubt I need a little help with my fear of heights. I took this picture from the condo we stayed in during the Blogger Blowout in Austin back in February and I think I stayed glued to the glass when I was out on the balcony.

So tell us…did you play?


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Thursday, September 21, 2006 The Far Side

I have determined that our dog is not named appropriately. Zeus continues to surprise us, but he should have been named Houdini. We wanted a smart dog and I guess we got one.


You see, this is Zeus in his crate. He likes his crate and goes in it willingly at night; however, he has learned how to unzip the thing and let himself out (as I awake to several piles of poo). He is also very talented as he can open and shred an entire 12 pack of toilet paper (oh what fun). But his ultimate accomplishment came when Big G and I went outside in the courtyard, the boy ran out the door and headed off to work and Zeus (inside) jumped up on the door trying to open it and locked the deadbolt. He locked us out of our house...yeah...THAT was fun!


On a more positive note, you can smell Homecoming in the air. G2 is going to another school's Homecoming this weekend and I got to make the mum for his date.

At first I was overwhelmed at the craft store (probably because Big G went with me shopping...I should know better than that). Once home, I actually had fun making it. What do you think? Do I pass Mum 101?

Sheri and I plan to make the ones for our boys' high school in a couple of weeks. You know good and well Sheri will have to mix up a batch of margaritas...I wonder how those will turn out.

Changing subject again (ADD running ramped). The boys' football team is doing great as they are 3-0. The last two games they were able to shut out the other teams but the most difficult teams are yet to come.


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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 This N' That

I promised SuZan that I'd post today and I told her I'd add pictures since I've finally unpacked the box with my camera's docking station. Well, I'm posting, and, yeah, the picture thing.....well, have you ever started something like say, organizing your desk, then that lead to organizing something else, and so on and so forth? That's more or less what happened. Suddenly it was midnight! So for picture purposes, I'll add this just cause I told SuZan I'd add a picture:

Mmmmmmm, doesn't that just make you thirsty? I can taste them now! Maybe I'll have to make a pitcher......... or three this weekend!

On to other things. I've had a situation at work. Other than the dumb ass who put everyone on her blocked senders list then couldn't figure out why she wasn't getting emails, there is another situation that I'm kind of in the middle of. See, there are two partners at the firm I work for. Because of the job that I do, I answer to both of them. I try to keep both of them informed of everything they need to know. One partner is not approachable at all. He's a grump. He eats children and dogs I think. The other partner is closer in age to me, we have kids in the same age range, and he is very approachable. We've been undergoing a few changes in the office. I talk with partner #2...a lot...because he will tell me if I'm full of shit or if the situation actually needs to be brought to the attention of #1. The other day #1 was on the phone and something came up. #2 was available so I was explaining to him the situation and was about to email #1 with the same information. #1 I swear straddled his desk and hollered for me to come in the office. He then asked why I go to #2 with office issues as he, #1, runs this office, period, the end. I'm not to go to #2 with anything. So, do I tell #2 what #1 said, or keep it to myself? I'm thinking I should share this information. Apparently there are underlying issues, but because of my position, I'm now in the middle. Argh!

On the home front, all though things are settling down I am still considering putting my teenagers up for sale. When things are good, they're great! When they're bad.....Just when I think I've got them figured out, they change their minds! We are now hitting homecoming season. My daughter stresses....about EVERYTHING. She knocked on my door, at midnight, while my husband was getting....friendly. Of course I think it's an emergency and throw on a robe to see what's wrong. In the hall the following conversation occurred:

J: I need $17 for a homecoming shirt tomorrow.

Me: Blank stare

J: Don't forget

Me: Processing information as to why I'm standing in the hall at midnight having this conversation and trying to decide if now is the time to get into the "so get $17 out of your savings account and buy it" conversation.

J: "And can you make an appointment from my hair. And we're getting a party bus. And what about tips for my nails and a pedicure? And when can we go shopping for a dress?"

Me: Still wondering why I'm standing in the hall at midnight having this conversation. Finally I say, "We'll talk about this in the morning."

I'm still not sure why she thinks all of this expense should fall on me. Sure she's not working, yet, but she does have a savings account. I haven't given her an answer on any of this. She is a great kid, for the most part. No drugs or drinking; straight A's; great conduct (at school); does a lot for me. Suggestions?

Shit. Guess I must get busy at work.


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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 Tickle Tuesday

It's not Monday, and it's not Humpday, so it must be "Tickle Tuesday"! Tickle Tuesday is our attempt to wipe the frowns from the faces of our Internet buddies and make the week just a little bit brighter.

After a night of "bow-chi-ca-bow-bow, we'll see just how funny I can get! Yeah, I'm bragging. When you're pushin forty, you deserve all the bragin you can get! Ok, ok, I shall not make you wait any longer! Enjoy!

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Monday, September 18, 2006 Waste of Space Monday

Waste of Space Monday is brought to you by the lovely Tammy over at Rant N' Ravin Heaven. Today I present to you this waste of space:

Meet Mitch Cozad from the University of Northern Colorado. He is accused of stabbing University of Northern Colorado teammate and punter Rafael Mendoza Jr. in his right kicking leg Monday night. Mendoza, 21, had beat out Cozad for the team's punter position.
Police said Cozad stalked Mendoza and attacked him at the parking lot of Mendoza's apartment complex in Evans before driving away in a black Dodge Charger with another male.
A liquor store employee later spotted the car in the store's parking lot. He called police after he saw two men with hooded sweatshirts peeling tape off a Wyoming license plate that read "8-KIKR."
This guys crime not only senseless but his actions stupid, earning him the title of a total "waste of space"! You can read the full story HERE.

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Friday, September 15, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday! - TV EDITION

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog for a very special SPF. We know that this one is Shaun’s fault since Kristine was napping (maybe in front of the TV?). At first I thought it was going to be easy until I read the last two pictures and Shaun…you have waaaaaayyyy toooooo much time on your hands to come up with this one.

1. Your TV
2. Your Show
3. The New Member of the Cast


Nothing exciting here but I affectionately call it “Big G’s big ass black t.v.” However I really do enjoy movies on it and with the surround sound and my pj’s, you just can beat it. I prefer it over going out to the movies. As you see, Big G still needs to build the center portion of the cabinet surrounding the TV, then we stain. It just never ends!


Shaun was making us think way too hard; so I’ve taken creative license with this one. At least this is what life feels like in my house (well Sheri would probably add hers too). I still don’t have control in the day in and day out routine and we have been back to school for about a month…sigh! This is not good for the “control freak” in me


I have decided to take creative license with this one too. This is the new cast member (that we need) to upgrade this show. Meet the new addition; our money tree! Don’t you think that we all could use one?

So tell us…did you play?

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Thursday, September 14, 2006 To a Great Lady...

Ann Richards
September 1, 1933 - September 13, 2006
“I believe in recovery, and I believe that as a role model I have the responsibility to let young people know that you can make a mistake and come back from it.”
You can't talk Texas politics without talking about Ann Richards. A great orator with the most amazing humor. Honest and tough towards what she believed in and even made the "good-ole-boys" sweat. You have my up-most respect and admiration. You will be missed.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 Random Stuff!

This is going to be a very random post. The kids started back to school, but it seems that it is Sheri and I that are running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Oh, the Beta thing that we changed over to totally ticked me off. I went two days where I couldn't post comments on our friends blogs until I figured out to sign in under the Beta thingy and so...there you go.

We still have a power struggle in my home but there is progress:

You see, we still don't see much of Mercedes since Zeus joined the family; but the other night we had some table scraps and were giving them to Zeus. Mercedes decided she was NOT going to have any of that and stood her ground. Now who rules the roost?

The courtyard plants are filling in nicely. I figure that we have a couple of more months that they can grow and fill in. Have you heard about the movie "March of the Pinguins"? Sure you have, well, every night we have "March of the Froggies" right out our front door. Here is a friend I caught on camara yesterday (seems he likes the shrimp plant too).

Now for the final random thing, I have to show off what Sheri's hubby James sent her:

Sheri still can't find her camara dock so I went ahead and took a picture. Best floral arrangement I think I have ever seen. She says that she is going to use the glass on the next girly night (soon ladies).
So that's about all I have right now. Work is busy as sh*t; I wish they would take up the welcome mat in Cypress (just for a little while) so we all could breath a little. Have a great hump day everyone.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 Tickle Tuesday

It's not Monday, and it's not Hump Day, so it must be Tickle Tuesday! This is our attempt to lighten the load and bring a little laughter into you life. But, before we get started, we wanted to let you know that we have "crossed over to the other side"; "taken the plunge"; joined the "cool kids"; we are now Beta Bloggers! Hmmmm, sounds like we should be swimming in a little bowl with something green! Get it? Beta fish - Beta Blogger? Yeah, good thing that's not the "Tickle Tuesday" post.

And a little extra......

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Monday, September 11, 2006 Honoring Christopher Colasanti

A while back, Dale, came up with a wonderful idea to honor the victims of 9/11. We are priveledged to be a part of this group of bloggers. On that day, our nation witnessed the horror in our own back yard and we lost many great and wonderful people. We are honored to be able to share with you the life of Christopher M. Colasanti (age: 33):

"The best way to know God
is to love many things."

Christopher M. Colasanti

Christopher was married and a father of two daughters. He worked as a Bond Trader on the 105th floor of the World Trade Center's North Tower for Cantor Fitzgerald.

From what we have found about Christopher Colasanti in our research, he was a truly great man. He was completely devoted to his family and made sure that he bathed and tucked in his daughters every night. "When he was around his girls, he just had that smile on his face all the time," said John Nulty, who grew up with Mr. Colasanti in South Orange. "You could tell he was having that perfect-moment feeling." He loved playing golf, even though he was lousy at it. He rooted for sports teams that were mostly terrible, like the Nets and Jets, just so he could pull for an underdog.

Christopher and his wife Kelly were High School sweethearts. The met their Junior year at Columbia High School where he was Captain of his high school soccer team and later a triathlete. Afterwards, he attended and graduated from Dartmouth College and became a Trader.

"We'll be a strong family, the three of us," Kelly said. "We have to live this way because he was so great. We can't let it not be great here because it was so great."

We couldn't possibly do his life justice as we didn't know him. We did however find some quotes from people that did:

From Carla:

"I knew Chris from CHS. He was a great guy. So funny and full of life. We used to eat lunch together in 9th grade( with a bunch of other guys in HS). He was a great soccer player too. I was deeply saddened when I heard that he was in the towers. It's not fair that good guys like him have to die in such a horrific way. I still pray for his wife Kelly and 2 daughters."

From a CHS Alum:

I went to high school with Chris. He was a genuinely wonderful guy. He will be sorely missed. My thoughts are with his family and friends. -CHS 1989

From Larissa:

Chris was one of my closest friends in Jr. High and early high school. He always knew how to have fun. He loved Kelly the minute he met her and although their time together was cut short, the love they shared must have been incredible. I pray for her happiness and the ability to move forward with life.

From Teresa:

I am jennifer celentano's younger sister. I have had Chris on my mind for some reason the last few days. I had a dream the other night that I was Talking to Andrew (he and I were in the same grade growning up together) and he was talking about Chris with such passion. Just thought you should know that these years later, he is still in the hearts of people who knew or knew of him. Prayers are still going out to you and your family every single day.

From Renee:

I went to Columbia High School with Chris. I remember him as a captain of our high school soccer team and so bright... Kelly, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

From Livia:

I too was part of the gang on West End Road. I have known about Chris since the tradgedy through Jeff Voight and Noeleen and Frank DeFilippis. The many hours of kick the can, hide and seek, running through yards with Chris and his brothers, the McConvilles, the Nultys and Andy Shelfo are such vivid and fond memories for me. I just wanted to reach out to you today and let you know I am thinking of you and your girls. I lost my father when I was 14 and I know the hole it left in my life but I also know that I am who I am today for it. They will grow and flurish and love their father forever.

From David:

Kelly, as you already know, Chris was a very kind and warm hearted person, who loved his family very much. I will always remember the love and joy that he expressed whenever he spoke of his "three" girls. As an insurance representative, I have had the privilege of meeting many hundreds of people over the past twenty-five years, yet none as genuinely sincere as Chris. May God bless you and your family!

Chrisopher Colasanti is survived by his wife Kelly, his daughters Cara and Lauren, his father, Anthony, and two brothers, Gregory and Andrew. We can’t even imagine the sorrow this family must still experience, but we are happy for the opportunity to honor his life.

To see more tributes click HERE.

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Friday, September 08, 2006 Stuff Portrait Friday!.....Our World!

Here she goes again! This week, Kristine is making us think again. No kids, cats, or dogs to post, but look inside ourselves and show her our SPF…Our World Style!

1. Your Freedom
2. Your Hope
3. Your Wish

This one is easy! My Freedom is being here in the United States of America. You see, since I was raised in another country, I am here by choice. Because of my choice, I am thankful everyday to be here and enjoy the freedoms that we have. I have seen how others live and how others feel about us Americans, but I am honestly proud to be here and proud to be an American.
We moved back to the States when I was 15 and I had a couple of opportunities to move back to Mexico City after I became an adult, but it was too late. I was hooked on our freedoms. I love the opportunities we have here and the quality of life that we enjoy.


My hope is to be effective in Special Education. I hope that I can contribute and make a teacher’s life a little easier and put a parent’s concerns at ease. I want all the kids that I work with to exceed everyone’s expectations and to be the best person that they can grow up and be.


My wish is for time…I need more of it!

So tell us…did you play?

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Thursday, September 07, 2006 A Great Pie Recipe

Because I have a lot to post but not enough time to put it together, I'll give you the recipe to this pie I made for Labor Day. It was so good, son #1 who doesn't like sweets, and doesn't like chocolate said, "This is the best thing I've ever eaten. You need to make this like every week. I could just like take a fork and eat the whole thing. Seriously." Yes, my friends, that was a direct quote.

Peanut Butter Pie

1 Cup Peanut Butter
1 Cup Confectioners Sugar
1 8oz Bar Low Fat Cream Cheese *
1 8oz Tub Non-fat Cool Whip
1 Reduced Fat Graham Crust
1 Candy bar or Candy Pieces of your choice (Optional)

*I recommend low fat cream cheese as the consistency is smoother than regular, but tastes better than fat free.

Cream the cheese. Add the confectioners sugar-blend until smooth. Add the peanut butter. Mix well. Fold in Cool Whip. If you want candy pieces, add now. I took a Butter finger, stuck it in a baggie, and beat it into little pieces. Quite a stress reliever. After mixing, put in pie shell and refrigerate or freeze until ready to serve. If I were trying to impress someone, I would take chocolate and peanut butter ice cream topping and drizzle over the top a sprinkle a few candy pieces prior to serving.


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Wednesday, September 06, 2006 This & That

I don't know where the time goes. I used to think that money was what I didn't have enough of. Right now, time is right there on the list. I usually try to throw a post together in the morning. Well, with the traffic yesterday......let's just say that showing up 30 mins. late for work after sitting in traffic for 1 1/2 hours did not put me in a very good mind frame. Then, because it was the day after a holiday, you can just imagine how big the piles on my desk were. Oh, and did I mention it was end of month billing time? Yeah, 1060 invoices, that I had to get out .... MYSELF! AND, it was foreclosure Tuesday which means my boss was in court most of the day calling me continually! I'm also trying to fit in interviews to replace one of the secretaries.....she's only been here 13 years!

On to other things.....Katy Couric. I didn't like her on the Today Show, and I don't have any intention of watching her on the nightly news. There is just something about her personality that turns me off. When I watch her, she has the effect of nails on the chalk board. I can't put my finger on why she irritates me. She just does. Why?

We are on week 3 of school in these parts. Can I just say.......I'm ready for Spring Break! My husband reminded me that every year about this time I have a mini melt down. I get so overwhelmed. So do the kids. Why?

Have you ever had a dream that just seemed so real that it stayed on your mind and affected your mood? I had one on Sunday. It wasn't good. It wasn't scary, it just wasn't good. I think about it often. I can't like it!

In closing, I want to wish my husband a happy anniversary. No, not our wedding anniversary; but the anniversary of his second chance on life. Five years ago today, my husband had emergency by-pass surgery. He was only 45; I was 33. I almost lost him. You can read about it here. We've had a lot of changes; a lot of struggles; a lot of re-adjusting over the past five years. It was all worth it. Today we are in a better place personally; financially; physically; and needless to say, our relationship is a lot stronger because of this. Honey, I may not always be the sweetest, most lovable person to be around; and I may not tell you often enough; but I want to let you know how much I love you, how happy I am that they saved your life, and how much I look forward to waking up beside you every day. Happy Anniversary!

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Sunday, September 03, 2006 Texas High School Football!

Can you feel it?
Can you smell it?

Like every year it is back with a vengeance! Our boys had their first game Saturday night and it was a blast. They had their first game in our new Stadium (holy cow batman, place is huge); second, I don’t think they have the pressure that they did last year as our team is not even ranked this season (oh yeah…but we won; and beat the #15 ranked team 21-6).

I was so thrilled when Big G told me to set my camera to “sports”. The pictures came out pretty darn good. You see, last year I kept clicking but every single photo came out blurry. They were so bad that Big G kept telling me to stop Margarita consumption before games (cute).

So here we have our new Stadium! Now when they started construction of this facility I was not happy about it. You see at the time, our legistators couldn't do their job because of partisan politics and could not agree on school funding (three special sessions held at the cost of taxpayers...oh about 2.6 million per session). So, my son ended up not being able to get text books in some of his classes during the year, but... our tax dollars were building this...yeah...I was pissed.

As it turns out, the plans for this facility are more than just High School Football. It is a revenue producer for the school district. The plan is to lease it out for concerts and other venues. I have also heard that if our community college (next door to the stadium) is able to change to a 4-year college, then they also would lease the stadium for their football games, etc.

This is Sheri's son M (#50) getting a drink after a job well done!

Here is my son G2 (#60). He shot up over the summer and is now probably the thinnist lineman. Funny is we can always spot him among the masses. See how he is "hanging on his shoulder pads?" He has been doing that since 4th grade.

Takin' care of business!


Go Bobcats!

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