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Monday, March 19, 2007 Back in the saddle

Thanks to SuZan, you saw more than just this last week........

That would be blank space. I took a much needed break from life. I didn't turn on my computer, check bank balances, blog, nothing. I did nothing (other than laundry, plant flowers, shop, and hang out with the kids). Oh, and baseball. My son had three games over the weekend. But other than that, I basically did everything other than what my normal day entails.

During our retail therapy, SuZan and I tossed around the idea of renaming our blog. See, this blog isn't at all what it started out to be. Originally we wanted to start a blog full of ideas to help women, moms, grandmas, whoever get through the day. Then we met an awesome group of ladies we refer to as "our blogging bitches". Now this blog has turned into a place to bitch, vent, share, laugh, cry, etc. We are also thinking about putting our big girl panties on and switching from blogger to Word Press or something.

The problem we encountered when trying to think of a name that was witty and wonderful was......everything we came up with was or could have been construed as porn! We have, however, met some interesting people who have stumbled across our sight when searching for gay/lesbian women to rock their world. Sorry, we're not gay or lesbian, although when our husbands start acting like asses (which we all know hardly ever happens), the thought may have crossed our minds.

What we need from you, our Internets, are suggestions. Should we rename this blog? If so, suggestions please. Should we keep the name? You know, change is a good thing. Some names we've tossed around: Thelma & Louise; Double Trouble; Hmmmm, guess that's all we've come up with. Come on guys, can ya help some sistahs out?

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