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Tuesday, March 06, 2007 Terrific Tuesday

As you've noticed, we've been a little remiss in posting lately. The memorial for SuZan's sister was this past weekend. Of course, I had a little date with the porcelain thrown and it took me quite some time to recover. My stomach still isn't real fond of food. I wonder how long that will last.

On my way in to the office, there was no shortage of people who pissed me off. I was going to do a "stab people in the neck" post. Instead I thought it would be much more uplifting to post about the positive things in life. My challenge to you, my internet friends, is to post at least 10 positive things in your life. Go ahead! I'll post mine. They can be as sappy as you'd like. Nothing is inconsequential.

Here it goes:

1) My children are healthy.
2) My rent for March is paid
3) All other bills for March are paid (and a little stashed away for spring break)
4) The weather has been pretty awesome (even with the allergies that come with it)
5) Spring break is next week! (Lighter traffic, sleeping in-woo hoo!)
6) The office bitch is a bit under the weather and will be going home (yes-peace and quiet)
7) My husband has more work than he can handle (this is a good thing)
8) We are getting the pool ready for some "spring break action". Love this~
9) Blogger Blow-out Houston Style is right around the corner. I can't wait to see the bitches!
10)Margarita Saturday! SuZan and I plan to bring Spring Break in with a bang! Beware, there may be some drunk dialing going on!

Wow-I feel better all ready. I know longer have the urge to do any neck stabbing! Have a great day!

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