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Tuesday, February 27, 2007 Tag-I'm It!

My "Partner In Crime" SuZan tagged me, so I must participate.

My task:

I will tell you 6 weird things about myself, but one of them will be false. You have to choose the one that is false. Here we go:

1. My mother made a replica of the State Capital Building in Harrisburg PA out of sugar.

2. When my husband and I watch porn, this always leads to a "bow chica bow bow" session.

3. I always must load the coffee mugs in the dishwasher the same way and on the same side. Can't put them anywhere else.

4. I love it when someone else washes my clothes.

5. I can't fall asleep without the TV.

6. I have this whole "shower, coffee, make-up" routine that I must follow every morning or the whole day will be off.

OK. Not all that weird. But in my own way, I am. I must say that having children has mellowed me to some degree. I won't freak totally out; just partially.

Can you guess which one is a lie?

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