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Monday, March 12, 2007 Monday Monday!

I can't seem to get use to daylight savings time. At least my car is set to the right time, I never changed it back in October, so I guess I'll stop getting places an hour early (yeah right); however, I do feel I'm behind and I just woke up. Not to mention that I am sore as hell! Sheri and I went on a plant shopping spree (well Sheri did, I bought one plant and a bunch of dirt).

Why am I sore? I started on a planting bed in the back yard. The darn soil/clay/sand/rocks was so hard it took a pic ax to break it up. OMG the back yard needs so much TLC, I have no idea how long it will take (maybe towards the end of summer). I wanted to post a picture of the new garden but I only got as far as the planing bed, so maybe for tomorrow I'll have something for ya.

Oh, and to end the day last night, I had put a tarp over the planting bed because it was going to rain. We used bags of dirt to weigh it down, then the strapping young Zeus needed to go outside and he had a field day with the dirt. He ripped the bags open and spread them all over the deck...sigh...doggies.

So, I guess we'll jump on the band waggon (I'm offering up Sheri too). You've seen this before on other sites, leave me a question in my comments section and I'll post later with the answers.

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