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Friday, March 09, 2007 Stuff Portrait Friday...Luggage Style

TGIF! Finally Friday is HERE! This afternoon will mark the start of Spring Break (woo hoo). This week Kristine wants us to take a picture of our luggage. Good thing she didn't ask us for a picture of our baggage, because we would be here all day.

When I talked to Sheri about SPF she told me that her luggage is up in the attic so she told me "I think I will pass".

My Luggage

So you see my luggage is plain, boring and black. Nothing exciting, especially looking for it at the baggage claim at the airport. Sheri is always talking about her OCD, w-e-l-l, I think there is a little OCD in all of us. See the coffee press on top of my luggage? I never travel without it. First thing I pack is my coffee press, freshly ground beans and my creamer. Yep...a little OCD myself.

So tell us...did you play? Go let Kristine know if you did too.


Say Happy Birthday to Big G, he hits the bit 40...............something (hehehe). Happy birtday honey; I love you!


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