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Thursday, March 15, 2007 The New Kid on the Block

Lone Star Scouter

Now that Sheri and I have been blogging for about two years and Sheri's hubby (jkOnTheRun)has blogged for over five years, Big G is hopping on the blogging train and has his own.

We have to be patient because he is a two-finger typist but he will get it done. Go over and say hello to Big G and give him some words of encouragement, besides, I think he's kinda hot. He always says that he is geek challenged but can put together a computer, he just can't operate them well.

(click Lone Star Scouter for the link to his blog)


Beware of the ides of March!

(no reason for typing this, I've just always wanted to say it)


We are supposed to have good weather today. I hope so because we have had two days of torrential rains. I have to rescue my flower garden since Mother nature tried to wash it away.


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