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Thursday, March 22, 2007 Thursday-Yeah!

Man, once Thursday rolls around, I feel like there's hope! I've almost made it through the week! Coming back from Spring Break was tough. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. It's hard to be stuck in the office when there is so much I could be doing......outside........away from asshats!

Are you bitches ready for Blogger Blowout? Yeah! Just one more month! We are going to have so much fun! Can't wait to see all you bitches! Note to self....start shopping for appropriate boobage top and good butt jeans!

Hmmm, this post seems to be a lot of randomness.

BTW-Any Idol watchers? If yes, then let me ask you this. Why is that Sanjaya Michael Jackson Wanna Be still on? And he's in the top 10!! WTF?!?

To close this post of random nothingness, I thought I'd share a funny with you. At 10:30 last night my daughter hadn't made it home yet. It's not like her to not call and check in. Of course the worry factor started. I called her, her phone wasn't working (she dropped it off the roof when she was leaning out the window checking the weather whilst talking with a friend and deciding what to wear). So I call boyfriend's phone. She gets on the line and I'm like "where are you?" She said she was at boyfriend's house. I asked, "shouldn't you be home?" To which she replied, "What time is it?". I say, "It's after 10:30!" To which she says, "Oh, we were reading and guess we lost track of time."

Reading - that's a new one!

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