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Tuesday, March 20, 2007 Spring Has Sprung

Spring is officially here in H-town. How do I know this you ask? Just look at the crap I see on my car every morning.

Yes, isn't that lovely? No wonder my sinuses are going crazy.

Now for the fun part of Spring...During Spring break I made two flower gardens. The small one about killed me because the ground was so hard I had to take a pick ax to it. Then came the torrential rains.

It was messy and muddy but sooooooo much easier to dig up the dirt. I was actually able to level most of the back yard and make the larger bed.

This bed has some sort of annual (I don't remember what they are), a bush that has blue flowers (no I don't know what it is called either), carpet roses, pink jasmine and white crystal. This bed smells so good when you walk out on the deck.

The larger of the two beds I am most proud of. I am still such a novice on the landscaping thing but I really enjoyed putting it together. The only problem is when I go to the garden store I am overwhelmed with all the different plants.

This bed has: Saratoga Tobacco Plants, white crystals, fox tail ferns, azaleas, humming bird sage and petunias.

Can you believe I was on top of a rock pile and picked out the rocks for the borders. Big G was amused until I picked out the bolders to go in the bed.


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