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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 Attempting to Win the Weight Loss Battle

I'm hoping that through this post I will find that I'm not alone on a very personal issue. I am not obese, but my weight is definitely not where I want it to be and no where close to what it was prior to having three children. My goal is to post my success and failures and share things that have worked for me and those that don't. Please feel free to post your thoughts and feelings, joys and sorrows. I will most definitely be doing a lot of soul searching and researching along the way.

Getting Started

I've found that my biggest hindrance in losing weight is my mind set. For me, diets don't work. I've tried EVERYTHING. The Weight Watchers program seemed to have been the most successful for me and my lifestyle and certainly is the most sensible program available. My problem with their program is two-fold. First, I became completely obsessed with food. I was constantly trying to figure out how the eat the biggest quantity of food for the fewest number of points instead of really listening to my body and deciding if I was really hungry or just eating because I could. I found that I would use my points to eat a bag of M & M's instead of fruits and vegetables which would have been the better choice. Second, it was a DIET. I would get so frustrated and felt deprived after a certain amount of time (whether it be a week, a day, or a month), have a few bad days, and then fall of the proverbial wagon. It was as if I was eating things that I knew I shouldn't out of spite. Like "Ha, Ha Weight Watchers, I'm eating Mexican and having three Margaritas. What are you going to do about it?" Of course, we all know the only person I was hurting was myself.

I now have my mind set. School will be out for the summer starting next week. I will have an extra hour in the morning normally spent getting kids up, fed, and out. I can choose to sleep, or get my butt up and walk for at least 30 mins. As often as possible, I'm going to walk. A few years ago, SuZan used to live just down the street from me. We took advantage of the proximity and would walk at least once if not twice a day. We looked (and felt) great! I have decided that I most likely will cancel my gym membership and stop at SuZan's house on the way home from the office, and we will walk at least 3 days a week. We are going to hold each other accountable! That is how I've chosen to start my weight loss journey. I'm going to start slow then KICK BUTT!

I am also going to try to adjust my portions. I've heard and read that your body can't process food efficiently when eating portions larger than your palm. So, I'm going to try that. I'm also going to try to choose foods from each food group with each meal when possible. (Chocolate IS a food group, isn't it?).

I'm not going to post the weight that I'm out now. I will post my goal weight. For my height, the ideal weight range is 125-135. I plan to post any victory, whether its a NSV (non-scale victory) or an actual weight loss. Things that I classify as NSV's in my book are-my clothes fitting better, more energy, sticking with my exercise plan, making better food choices at a time when making poor food choices would be easier, and other things such as that.

I look forward to comments, questions and suggestions. Please remember, this is a PERSONAL journey. I may have "stinken thinken" occasionally, but that's my choice. At times like that, please try to render suggestions with a compassionate heart and a gentle hand.

Get ready, get set, GO.........................

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