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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 The Real Women Show #004

The Real Woman Show


Welcome back and thanks for listening! After a week long break we are refreshed and ready to go! Y'all better fasten your seat belts as we do our week in review. SuZan starts the show by asking Sheri an impromptu question for which Sheri, who is never at a loss for words, answers in her own gallant way. Find out how Sheri almost had a real "bang" on the fourth! We talk about a recent news piece that aired on Good Morning America where they discussed blogging and the benefits thereof. Find out how to become a sex kitten, (yes, even you married ladies) as well as the unveiling of the top 10 cities that have the most adventurous sex (yeah, Texas made it)! Check out our "Blog Pick of the Month" and listen as we rant about "Back To School" advertising taking away our last four weeks of summer and make a bet as to when the first actual Christmas displays will appear (you're going to owe me a Margarita SuZan). After a brief intermission we discuss how hectic our lives become when company is in town, then we finish the show with a review of the book "STEP-Systematic Training for Effective Parenting". We review the goals of a teenager's behavior and how parents can counteract the behavior by changing their own reaction. Make sure you stay tuned to the end and find out this week's "Tip and Trick".

As always, thanks to James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun for his technical assistance and One Egg Ticket for the groovin' music! Enjoy the show!

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