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Saturday, August 13, 2005 Kids Like Wine, Get Better With Age

We have all heard the ole saying: “Kids say the darnest things”. We all know it is true, but what usually comes to mind is young children because of their honesty and lack of tact.

For all you young mothers out there; it just gets better. In our home, we are faced with our 16 year old son wanting a car (he gets his permanent driver’s license next week). There is no surprise or hidden agenda here; we have always been upfront with him on what it would take for him to get a car. First and foremost we never told him we would buy him one. The agreement was that we would match whatever he saved up to buy it. The second agreement (per his dad) is that he wouldn’t be allowed to drive until he becomes an Eagle Scout (almost there but not quite). No big secret, no hidden agenda, no deal breaker.

We are all sitting in the living room the other evening and the dialogue went something like this:

Son: “Mom, Dad,…you know I can’t have a girlfriend until I get a car”.

Mom & Dad: ROTFLOAO!

***after we wiped the tears from our face from laughter***

Mom: “And this is to encourage us to do what?”

Dad: “Find a girl that has her own car”

Son is now totally ticked off…..exits the living room.

You just have to love the scheming and plotting!

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