Celebrating Women...for the Real World
Thursday, August 11, 2005 For Your Listening Pleasure.....

The Real Women Show #8 Is Live!!


Show #8 - Wow! We had such fun doing this Podcast and we have so much to say! Check us out this week as we share our perils of busy schedules with back to school around the corner. Sheri shares how a potential “onion” letter turned into an “orchid” letter. Do you know how to place your silverware on your plate when eating out to indicate to the server as to whether you are finished or not? SuZan and I have a short rant about leaving negative comments on a blog.

After a short break, my daughter Jessica who just turned 15 shares back to school information from a teenagers perspective. She shed a lot of light as to what teenagers experience at school. We also talk about some of the really cool posts that have appeared on our “Blog Pick of The Month“. This month’s pick is “Why are these kids following me? Who are they calling mom?” Her site is a lot of fun! Find out what “Freebie Friday” is all about.


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