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Thursday, June 15, 2006 Aggravation

Dear Bank:

Next time you decide that my card numbers have been compromised (whatever that means), could you please let me know before you close my cards. I don’t mean send me notification in the mail that looks like junk mail; call me or send me an email. It is embarrassing to go and make a purchase and my card is no good.

While you strive to make improvements, could you also do something about your automated phone system? Your system really sucks because it takes 20 minutes to go through all the sequence of numbers that you require. While we are at it, when you tell me that my cards are closed and I ask why, please do not tell me “I don’t know”, and then proceed to send me to another office, to go through another sequence of numbers, to then be DISCONNECTED.

That seriously pisses me off!

That is all.

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