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Saturday, June 11, 2005 Dell Axim and the Geek-Wanna-Be #6

It Works! Posted by Hello

Oh boy! It works! I now have the keyboard and the Axim working with each other. WOW! This is truly cool. The keyboard is a Stowaway Infrared Portable Keyboard by Think Outside and it works like a charm. Furthermore the keypad is very comfortable to use. I still need to learn all the function keys but so far, so good! I actually downloaded the driver from their site and it went straight to the Axim. This was a big deal for me, remember I'm technologically challenged.

So far I have been able to load some favorite pictures, and of course play the games (which my husband has also been playing). I’ve been able to load a couple of templates; the first is the mileage reimbursement form we use and this turned out great on the Axim. I’m having some trouble with another template we use at work that was created in Word. This may still take some work as the transfer is not very usable right now (I guess even computers loose something in translation).

Maybe the next Geek-Wanna-Be entry I can create on the Axim….hmmm a challenge.

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