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Thursday, July 28, 2005 Do I LOOK Like I'm Made of Money?

As you may recall, I went to the Dentist on Monday. I do have dental insurance, so the initial exam and cleaning was free (yipee). I'm sitting here looking at this "treatment plan" and still can't stop chuckling when I see the word "Prophylaxis-adult". Am I the only one who thinks that sounds very close to a word for something related to sex?

Now for the part that I hate.

Mr. Dentist comes in with is smile and calm voice and says "Ms. Kendrick, you have fractured your porcelain crown on a tooth that did not have a root canal. Because of the crack, you have leakage (ok, major yuck). You'll need a root canal and another crown. There is another tooth that looks as if a rather large filling was replaced. There is decay around that and not enough tooth left for me to drill out the old and the decay and refill. You need a crown there as well. You only have two additional cavities that need to be filled and I'm going to suggest an Occlusal guard." My response- "I don't care what type of guard he is, as long as he has a tight butt!" The Hygeneist (sp)thought this was so funny, she had to leave the room from laughing so hard!

"OK" I say. "So, how much are we talking?" To which Mr. Dentist replies "Oh, your insurance covers a good bit of the cost. You'll have to visit with my assistant. She'll explain everything."

I go up front. "Hello assistant, I'm Ms. Kendrick and you are supposed to have some information for me." "Why, yes I do", she says in her sweet southern drawl. "Your insurance covers this much, and this is all you have to pay. When would you like to schedule your appointment?" I take the sheet to get a closer look. "Holy (expletive of your choice here). My portion is $939.80. Why, I could have a baby for less than this!" I exclaim.

Being the good assistant that she is, her response was "Yes, but your teeth won't have to go to college!"


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