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Saturday, July 02, 2005 In Search of a Guest Bedroom…FOUND!

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It’s finally done! The guest bedroom is found, the clutter is history (dang it feels good!). Could probably do more to the room but for now…I’m done! Sis will have a place to sleep. It does look like she will have a room-mate, as you can see, my cat has taken over the new room since the linins went on bed.

I don’t want to ever have that situation ever again. Now have to get the rest of the house back in order. Let us recap where we started, when you couldn't even go in the room:

Yes Virginia...there is a bed under there Posted by Hello


UPDATE: Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Project took about a week and a half. I have been asked about the final cost of the project so here is the breakdown:

Items I had: Bed, dresser, most of the accessories. bedspread

Carpet: 198.00 Installed (Mohawk frieze remnant)
Paint: 5.00 (woops paint from Lowes)
Blinds 35.00 Lowes
Drapes 19.00 (Dupioni silk-clearance/display item)
Drape hardware 20.00 (Marshall’s)
Pillows 45.00 (Tuesday Morning and Walmart)
Console Table 85.00 (Walmart)
Artwork 115.00 (Pier One and Bed Bath & Beyond)
Misc Accessories 14.00 (Clearance items at BB&B)

I could have done better with cost if I would have had more time. I blew it on the artwork but loved what I purchased.

Total Room Redo $536.00

Finally having a guest bedroom $Priceless

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