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Friday, July 01, 2005 When The Guys Are Away…

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Well, my guys are getting ready for their trip! They are going to Packard High Adventure Base in Poncha Springs, Colorado for some hiking, backpacking and white water rafting. I would love to go up there (especially since the temp here has reached HELL status), but digging a hole to do my business and covering it up is NOT my idea of a vacation! Not to mention there is no place to plug in my coffee pot (horrors)! They will be gone for eight whole days! WOW! I will have the house to myself (it will actually stay clean!), and the kitchen will be CLOSED! Woo hoo!

I won’t be totally alone all this time, like Sheri, my sister is coming for a visit (she’ll be here Tuesday…yippie). Her husband wanted to come until he found out my guys were going to be gone (go figure)! So we plan to do some touristy stuff in Houston, and then it’s off to the lake….ahhhhhhh!

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