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Friday, August 05, 2005 Can We Just Start This Week Over?

My earlier post “When Your On A Tight Schedule” was on the first two days of the week. Well, it just gets better! It seems that everything I have touched this week I have had to do over. I haven’t posted much because I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Thank goodness I’ve had some flexibility, or I would have just had to check myself into an asylum. Now granted, some of this running around has been due to my procrastination during the summer, however I really thought it was all mapped out and everything would just fall into place…NOT!

This crazy week even had me taking an impromptu road trip to east Texas. The drive was fine, weather was clear, and I loved the chance to surprise my grandparents and my uncle, but driving almost 400 miles in one day (there and back)…….Uggggg. The teenager decided that he didn’t want to go because all we would be doing is riding in the car all day. At least that night we went out for dinner…the new golden rule is “no cooking after a road trip”.

Today was filled with back to school shopping for the boy. That was actually easy because I have resigned the fact that I can no longer influence his clothing taste. See, even an adult can learn something. I tried to point out one thing I thought looked nice, and after the eye rolling, I just shut up. So can we start this week over? Hmmmm….and go through this again…Oh Gosh No...No Way!

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