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Monday, August 01, 2005 When Given The Opportunity

I want to share one of those "motherhood moments". As posted earlier this summer, my oldest son who will be a JR. this year had to go to summer school because he just couldn't pass Geometry during the school year. He blamed me, the teacher, the counselor, the fly on the wall. Yup, blamed pretty much everyone but himself. I didn't say anything until he was done talking. Then he asked me if I was mad at what he said. I told him that I was not mad, but wondering if he felt that he was at all partly responsible for his grade. Of course his answer was NO!

Because of his poor performance, instead of being able to take Algebra II (a required course) and Chemistry (a required course), he was going to have to take Environmental Science and Math Models. Environmental Science is probably a very interesting class. My concern was Math Models, which is pretty much just basic Math. My son didn't fail because he couldn't do the work, he failed because he didn't do the work. There's a big difference there. My children all seem to have a gift for Math. It is easy to them. My son slept through Algebra I and maintained a 97 average. Too bad it took summer school for him to realize he could do Geometry as well. He ended up with a 95 average. Anyway, I shared my concern with him and explained that this year is it as far as making an impression on any college. That was the end of it as far as discussion (and believe me, I am the queen of nagging-dropping the subject after stating my concern was NOT easy). He called me today after orientation and told me that I need to go see his counselor tomorrow and sign a form so he can get a course change. I asked him what he was changing and he told me that he decided to take Chemistry and Algebra II. Go figure? Maybe they really do listen!

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