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Saturday, August 13, 2005 A Little Help Here Please

My daughter and I go to the mall to finish up on back-to-school wardrobe shopping (yeah, like you can ever say you're done). It's crowded, my feet hurt, and I'm claustrophobic. We go into this store. We look, look, look. I tell her I'm going to check the clearance racks in the back. Her response-"You don't have to tell me every time you walk away, OK? I'm not a child!" Next store, same scenario, only this time I don't tell her I'm going to the back. What happens? "Where did you go? You could have told me you were going to go to the back!"

A few minutes later, we run into her friends. I stand there, but kind of to the back. What should I do? Do I tell her I'm going wonder off? Do I stand there? I figured if I stood in a few steps back, I wouldn't be hovering, but I wouldn't be wondering off without telling her. Wrong choice for me! She got mad at me for standing there while she was trying to talk!

Could someone explain the rules?

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