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Saturday, October 08, 2005 Woo ooooo That Smell!

Ok folks, I have a problem that is seriously upsetting my olfactory system. I have a very sensitive snoz and this is driving me crazy. First a little history of the problem: I had fixed a wonderful meal; a roast; I love fixing it because it is one of the few dishes I make using the crock pot (I’m not much of a cook, remember). Anyway, to my delight, the teenager volunteered to do the dishes.

Fast forward now to two weeks ago: I was the first one to start noticing “a smell” in the house. It was worse when you walked in my kitchen. It was a musty, icky, nauseating smell. Then when Big-G noticed it, I knew that it was real. To my shock, the teenager did the dishes that evening, but he didn’t put the left over roast in the fridge and clean the crock pot (it is black so you really can’t see in it well). When I lifted the lid it about knocked me over. I grabbed a dishrag and tied it around my face (the stench was unbearable) and quickly put the roast and other growing organisms down the garbage disposal.

Problem solved right? WRONG! I swear I can still smell that crap down the drain. I have emptied a bottle of Pinesol down it; ice with detergent down it; dish washing liquid and hot water down it, and I can’t get rid of that smell.

HELP! Since Big-G says he is NOT changing out the pipes, any advice would be greatly appreciated and if anything works you will be deemed Domestic Diva for life in my eyes.

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