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Wednesday, October 05, 2005 Way Back Wednesday!

Wow! It's Way Back Wednesday again. However, this weeks theme is easy. It's all about the pets. Mama Ducks mission should you care to accept: Heavy petting this week...of your PETS sicko!!!! Show us pictures of you with your pet (past or present...preferrably no taxidermied friends, but if you have to we'll accept it)! So here we go:

My household has only two pets (and one of them I don't even claim). The first is Mercedes, she rules the roost (pardon the pun). In this first picture she is with Big G (Mr. I Hate Cats), as you can see, she knows how to butter him up. Of course when she is licking his hand he always says "lick the hand of your God". Geez, he is full of it isn't he.

Now I have always admited that I spoil her just a tad. I call her "The Princess" but my sister always says "Princess hell, she is the damn Queen".

Here we have "the other pet" the damn lizard! He's ugly, he's mean, doesn't do anything but eat and poop. Nothing cuttly about Lewi but at 48 inches, he is "dead on accurate" when he whips you with his tail, and yes, he has whipped Mercedes before when she cornered him and tried to sniff him.



OK folks. I have the cutest pic of Oreo our Christmas puppy with the kids, but blogger won't let me post it (it's a conpiracy I tell ya!). So, this will have to do for now. Check back later. Maybe I'll get the other picture up!

So there you go! Link on over to Mama Duck's "The Kept Woman" to see who all is playing.

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