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Saturday, October 01, 2005 The 5 Foods To Add To Your Diet

I was reading this article on MSN. It's claims were very interesting; it stated that of these certain five foods:

“Just adding more of these foods to a bad diet won't cause a drastic overnight weight loss. But adding them -- even to a bad diet -- will improve your health in some significant ways.”

So it is saying that even though you are eating more by adding these foods to your diet, it will make you healthier. So what are these magical foods?

Blueberries – Now these I could add….no problem.
Oatmeal – I like this too; I could consistently add this to the ole food consumption.
Cabbage – I’m sorry, I REALLY don’t like cabbage….I’ll have to pass.
Kale – I don’t even know what the fu*k this is.
Sardines – I like these even less than cabbage…not going to happen.

So I wonder if two out of five is OK? Even the best of intensions will go by the waist side if you can’t even tolerate the majority of the food. Oh wait, maybe that’s how you lose weight! You know it, the “eat & hurl” plan.

Now there are some foods that are wonderful for the endless weight battle:

Tomatoes – It takes more calories to digest a tomato than are in the tomato.
Carbs – Always eat some protein when you eat carbs. It does not let the carbs turn to sugar as quickly. Try to eat as little as possible of refined carbs.
Water – We all know this one.
Fruits & Veggies – Eat what you want, even though these are complex carbs, they turn to sugar slower than refined carbs.

Crap…….Blah blah blah……..I hate watching my weight.

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