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Monday, September 26, 2005 WTF…I’m Behind The Times!

I finally ventured out shopping today (I was going a little stir crazy). Rita blew something in and my sinuses have gone crazy for the past four days. I’ve finally conceded that I have to go get something because I feel like crap and can’t even breath because of all the snot packed in my face. Sorry to gross you out but it feels a lot worse than it sounds.

As I go to pick up some Tylenol Sinus (severe congestion) I find out that it now requires your ID to purchase. Where the hell have I been? Come to find out that the law has been in effect since August 1st and that they (I don’t know whom…the bad guys any way) are using cold and allergy products to make pseudoephedrine. Even though it is a State law it is spreading and has passed in several other States nation wide.

Click to read “Don’t Meth With Texas” for the complete story.

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