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Thursday, September 22, 2005 Hurricane Rita - "Before"

Just thought I'd drop by and make a quick post before I start "preparing" (yeah, like can you really be ready for the unknown?) for Hurricane Rita (BTW-I have decided that I'm going to create one kick-ass drink called the Hurricane Rita when this is all over).

I want to start off by saying-I'm a damn Yankee! I grew up in PA and moved to TX when I was 18. In the 19 years that I've lived here, a hurricane actually hitting this close to where I live has not been a reality. Tropical storms, yes, hurricane, no! So, I'm not exactly sure what I should do or what I should expect. Basically, I'm going to fake it until I make it. To add to the drama, I have three teenagers looking at me and expecting me to know what to do. They want to leave, but that's not an option as, THE TRAFFIC AIN'T MOVING! I've made my first major decision. We are staying! There, I did it. I actually made a decision!

Gotta have a little humor folks! Yes, this is serious, but I believe I would be a blithering idiot ready for admittance to the local looney bin if I didn't have a little fun!

In an effort not to bore you with details, here is a little bit of what my family and I are going through:

As of yesterday, the partners at the firm were saying that we'd be working normal business hours through Friday. After all, the worse part of the storm isn't supposed to hit until Friday night! Oh Goody. Just enough time for me TO GET STUCK IN STUPID TRAFFIC AND PROBABLY BE BLOWN TO NEVERLAND! My kids then find out that school is cancelled and start sending me text messages. There is clearly panic in their messages and they want to leave. My bosses at the same time are expecting me (yes, me of all people), to make sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed and prepare the office for whatever may happen. Great! More stress.

I call hubby. I told him I wouldn't be leaving until 5:00. He suggested we stock up on food. I said something sarcastic (would never believe that, would you) to the effect of "yeah, I'm sure there will be enough of everything we need on the shelves when I manage to make it back to our side of town." He then graciously offered (read-he knew if he didn't offer, he would have never heard the end of it) to go to Sam's and stock up. At that point phone connections, land and cell, became non-existent. The circuits went into overload. I had no clue what he was able to find, or not find. I've posted pictures for your entertainment. You'll notice, if nothing else, we'll definitely have a kick-ass sugar high!

I decided to make back-ups of the firms accounting files and my files on the server in addition to our normal back-up, and take them with me so, in the event that we did leave, I would be able to take care of shit! Such a dedicated employee. On my way home (not even going to bore you with the details of THAT little adventure), I stop at the grocery store to pick up my prescription. A delivery of bottled water just arrived. Let me just say - picture vultures here people. Myself included. I think I may have stepped on someone while trying to capture my allotted two cases of bottled water. Then, as I was waiting for my prescription, someone tried to take the water out of my basket that was only two feet away! Animals!

When I finally got home, I made the mistake of turning on the TV. I sat there, watched and listened. I was even more confused as to whether we should stay or go. As SuZan said in a previous post, we are about 100 miles inland. Anything could happen. I have to say, I was mesmorized. You know, that feeling when you know you should be doing something, but you can't. I couldn't focus on anything and just stared at the TV. Finally, at about 1:30 a.m., I realized that I was going to have to make another decision. To go to work, or not. I decided on not. I phoned in and left a message on v/m (yes, the wimpy way out). I checked on the kids who fell asleep in various places through-out the house. I covered them, turned ceiling fans on, you know, basic mommy stuff.

Now, it's a new day. Yes, I have a lot to do. Yes, I'm procrastinating and blogging instead. I really needed to get some of these thoughts and feelings out of my head. Now, I can move forward. I'll probably post again later. I'm off do take care of things like taking video and digital pics of the inside and outside of the house, backing up computers, bringing all the yard stuff into the garage, doing laundry (in case there is no power or water for a time), putting candles, batteries, flashlights, matches, etc. in one localized place, cleaning out an interior closet that can be used as shelter in the case of high winds and or tornados, and figuring out how to make this an adventure for my kids. Below are some pics. Like I said, I needed to add a little lightheartedness into my day.

A few adult beverages. Come one, I gotta have something. Think about it, stuck in a closet with three teenagers, no cell phone, computer, TV, VCR, or regular phone? Plus, if you figure we'll be eating the likes of this.............
need I say more?

Ranch style beans, my friends, a Texas delicassy!

OK, this is probably what we'll really be drinking!

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