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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 My Son Has a JOB…..dang I wish it paid!

Well the boy is following his dream (and that is good). I happened to meet the announcer (for the varsity football) for three of our area high schools (my son’s HS included). I jokingly told him that my son needed to talk to him since he wants to be a sportscaster. He gave me his business card and I passed it on to my son.

To my surprise, G-2 did call him and made arrangements to be his spotter during this past weekend’s game. Of course the boy had to gloat that while we were melting in the humidity with the threat of rain, he was in an air conditioned booth, and at half time they went over to the VIP area and fed him. Don’t they know “IF YOU FEED A TEENAGE BOY…HE WILL NEVER LEAVE?” I guess that he did a good job because they asked him to come back and spot for all of his High School’s varsity games, and since next year he will be playing on the varsity team, he has to do this now. The boy is walking about 10 feet off the ground!

G-2's blog: SPORTS TALK

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