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Saturday, September 10, 2005 Scouting…Just an Hour a Week!

Yep; that’s what they tell you. But after being a Boy Scout volunteer for the past ten years, all I can say is “YEAH RIGHT!” Yes it is a great organization, yes it is a notable organization for teaching leadership skills to our boys, yes it is fun, yes we have made some great friendships and YES it is worthwhile.

It is wonderful to see your son trying new things. They are so starry eyed in first grade when they are recruited through the school. If they stick with it, you get just as excited watching them lead the Troop and develop those leadership skills.

As Advancement Chairman, I have two busy times a year, and that is right before “Court of Honor”. Let’s see, my hour a week consisted of taking off of work a half a day on Friday, working on the advancements, COH program, printing, cutting, folding, filling out cards, stuffing them in baggies, getting all the paperwork in order to go to the scout shop Saturday morning. I finally finished everything at 11:00 PM.

So I guess since I put in 10 ½ hours I’m good for about two and half months :) . Yes I know, I’m dreaming. I’ll be back up at the church Monday evening.

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