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Monday, September 05, 2005 My Daughter's First "Boyfriend"

I say "boyfriend" loosely because, well, he is a boy and he is a friend. But this is definitely turning into something a bit more serious. Let's see, he came over Saturday night, other friends were here as well. When it was time for me to take a few of them home, he made sure to sit in the back seat beside her. As soon as we got home, she went straight to the computer and was on instant messenger until 4:30 a.m.! As soon as she came home from church, back to the computer. There's been a few whispering phone calls with that shy smile when she hangs up. Today his dad picked her up and she went to his house to "hang out". When I picked her up this evening I asked her if they were dating or just friends. Her answer, "Well, he asked me to go to Homecoming". So, I ask you more seasoned mothers, does that mean they're dating?

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