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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 Blog Day 2005!

We just found out that today is Blog Day 2005! It was created by Spark Armada. So we present to you our five picks to Celebrate.

We love to read Sleeping Mommy. She is a wife and mom from Oklahoma. We love her attitude about her life "If the sleep deprivation is an effective form of torture than the CIA should seriously consider employing my children." She is always entertaining and funny and Snoring Daddy writes pretty good too!

A Mom In The Swamp is also one of our favorites. She is very funny and down to earth. Right now she needs all of our support as her life has been disrupted by Katrina. Her sister Heather has been keeping us updated on how the family is doing. We hope to hear from you soon Cat!

We can't forget about The Kept Woman. She is a transplanted Texan (woot woot) who lives in Wisconson. She hosts "Way Back Wednesday" every week where you transport yourself back in time through pictures and share with the blog world.

OK....now for the shamless plugs!

The top of the list is jkOnTheRun. He is Sheri's husband and got us into this mess (lol...not really, we are having a blast...Thanks James!

We have to add the newbie Sports Talk. He is SuZan's son who has entered the blogging world. Keep it up G2!

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