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Friday, August 26, 2005 Thank GOD It's Friday!

First and foremost, I love my job! Really, I do! However there are days…..yes and yesterday was one of them. Yesterday I was at two schools. The first one, calm, saw the kids I needed to see, talked to Teachers regarding their progress or concerns, finished setting up another blog for a classroom, and had lunch with a friend from that school. Off to the next school.

I first go into a classroom to find out that there is an ARD schduled for today for a kid that is suppose to be on services (and we had no idea that he was). The school he came from had no mention of OT in any of the paperwork and no one knew this until the paperwork from the previous school district had arrived. So this means we need to see him, go over all the paperwork and give our recommendation (back-pedaling 101) oh….and make up all the time (ugg).

Then I go into another classroom and the Teacher and all the Paraprofessionals look like they are going to hang each other (to put themselves out of their misery). They have one little girl that cries, screams, destroys things, and disrupts the class. They had told me that the screaming and crying had been going on all day long (you know, I don't know how they do it). My first thought is that she is so low tone and unstable that I went to another classroom to get a “sit & wiggle” or “sit & move” (whatever it is called) just to give her some movement in the chair and some good proprioceptive feedback while she is sitting. It worked, but I know that it is a novel item and that it may not work over time. After recommending that they call in one of the Behavioral Specialists, I went over some strategies to encourage compliance, and the Teacher and I put together several task boxes for her, to increase her ability to work independently in the classroom. I worked with this little girl on some of her self-help skills, reviewed some strategies to use when they are out of the classroom and then had to go meet with the Diagnostician to go over what needed to happen before the ARD today.

I was totally exhausted, stressed, and I think my brain shut down after that.

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