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Saturday, August 20, 2005 Good thing I didn't open the wine

What a day. My oldest son plays high school football. He had to be at school today by 8:30 for a 10:30 scrimmage. By the time I got to the field, it was 99 degrees. I can only imagine what it felt like to those boys in full pads. My son is the center. About half way through the scrimmage I see my son and the quarterback sitting on the bench, both with their head between their knees. From my view-point I couldn't see everything, but apparently they were both puking! I didn't worry too much until I saw the trainers come over with ice bags for their necks, wet towels for their heads, someone taking there equipment off, the "doc" was checking my son's pulse. OK, I'm a little worried, but no one was frantically looking towards the stands for parents which would mean something serious was going on. Then, they walk them into the locker room. My first instinct? To jump the gate, find one of the trainers, go bang on the locker room door, etc., etc. But I didn't. After 15 minutes, doc was back on the field, so again, I'm not to anxious. I leave as my son usually gets a ride with one of his friends. I get home and "ring, ring-Hello Mrs. Mom, this is Doc, I made your son come out of the game because he had a rapid pulse and chest pains. We called Dr. B. (a cardiologist who's son plays football at the school) in to check on him. His heart may be skipping a beat. You may want to take him to his doctor." OK, NOW can I panic? But, there was not an ambulance involved, so I still wasn't in full panic mode.

After he gets home, I talk with him and find out that he also started to get severe leg cramps a few minutes after they took him in and laid him down. He puked three more times in doc's office. OK, now we have chest pains, vomiting, leg cramps. All of these could indicate cardiac problems, or dehydration, or a deficiency in potassium. I ran him a bath with some mineral bath crystals that ease sore muscles, fed him grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, 3 bottles of Gatorade, and a LOT of water. He took a three hour nap (yes, I did keep checking on him. You know, putting my ear by his nose to make sure he was breathing). After the nap-he feels great.

Was this the end of my excitement for the day----nooooo. I ended up taking son #2 to the emergency room tonight. We rushed out, hmm, about THE TIME DINNER WAS READY & ON THE TABLE. I was just about to open the wine when my phone rings and it's my youngest son's friend. The conversation went something like this- "um, can you pick us up? Gabriel like hurt his arm pretty bad. There's like blood POOORING out of his arm. " "OK" I say. Where are you". Now, it's not that I didn't know where he was. I knew where and who he was with, but I wasn't sure exactly how to get there with out son in the car guiding me. So I'm driving, & driving, & driving in circles. They all told me it was the 2nd street from the school. IT WAS THE 1st street!

I get son home. I cut off the make-shift bandage (they actually did a good job). Blood starts squirting - EVERYWHERE. I'm not one of those moms who run to the ER for every bump, bruise, cut, cough, etc. Even I knew this was going to require stitches. My daughter was just about to put the first spoonful of dinner into her mouth when she saw the blood. I was very proud of her too. She dropped her fork, ran to get clean towels, yelled directions to everyone, wrapped the towel around his arm, and sat with him in the back of the car holding pressure on his cut. We got to the hospital and my daughter ended up knowing one of the techs from school. (OK, sometimes it pays to have a cute 15 year old daughter). We only had to wait a few minutes before we were through triage and in a room. Another couple of minutes before we saw a doctor. I really was impressed with this ER and the personnel. I'd say we were in and out within 1 1/2 hours. It ended up being 2 deep gashes that required 23 stitches in one cut and about 15 in the other. We finished, paid and left. My son calls his dad on the way home. Do you know what my ex-husband told my son? Well, enjoy your pain! Then hung up on him. That man makes me soooo angry!

Whew! Glad I didn't get the wine opened. Could you imagine me trying to explain to the doctor what happened while wreaking of wine!

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