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Wednesday, August 17, 2005 These Darn Fund Raisers - Argh!!

Be ready-there's a little ranty-poo coming.

I have two kids in high school that participate in sports. I am a member of the "All Sports Booster Club". I understand that these organizations need funds to operate. This particular club gives a small portion back to a few students (12 to be exact) via $1000 scholarships. Its a good cause. No, its a GREAT cause!! I have no beef with them needing to raise funds. I DO have a beef with them making it mandatory!

Here's the scenario. Second day of school both kids come home with six (count'em - SIX) discount cards containing coupons to various area restaurants. The price for these lovelies is $20 a pop. If they sell five cards, they get to keep the 6th one (yeah, like my football player son is going to tell his friends when they're out to eat "Hold on, I have a coupon"). I still don't have a problem and bought one card from each kid. Here is the part I have a problem with. They HAVE to sell ALL the cards or they will be punished with various punishments each coach feels appropriate. For instance, my football player son will have to do so many "gassers" (whatever that is) while the kids who sold their coupons won't have to do any. My daughter's soccer coach is making each child who didn't sell their quota run two miles in 16 mins. If they can't make it in the allotted amount of time, they will have to continue running until they can. Now, I know the whole point is to encourage the kids to sell. But, should they punish the kids who don't? It's not that my kids didn't attempt to sell. The problem is that EVERY GOSH DARN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT IN OUR SUB-DIVISION AND PLAYS A SPORT HAS TO SELL THEM AS WELL!!!!! The family that I have in Texas does not live in the area for which the coupons are eligible. Same deal with the office! In our case, it wasn't for lack of trying!

Long and short of my ranty-poo (I said poo - he, he): fundraiser - YES; Punishment - NO; Rewarding the kids who did sell with a pizza or ice cream party - OH YEAH!!

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