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Tuesday, August 16, 2005 Shopping For The Best Price

In the September 2005 issue of Good Housekeeping, Lisa Goff wrote an article on “Bargaining for beginners”. The article of course, caught my attention because I’m always in search for a bargain. She suggests that you search the Sunday paper for ads then ask your local store to match the competitors’ deals; but to also check for prices on the following web sites:

Froogle.com - Search engine for anything you want to purchase
MySimon.com - Price comparison shopping service
NexTag.com - Compare prices before you buy
eBay.com - Auction or Buy-it-now

As for myself, I have made many purchases from eBay and have been satisfied with what I have paid for various items. Hubby has also recently mastered eBay (I've created a monster .... bwaaaahaahaa). The other sites I’ll be sure to check out. If you have any other suggestions or tips, please add to the comments.

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