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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 Alone With Myself

To those of you with your head in the gutter-no, this is not about anything sexual (too bad)!

This past Saturday, my 15 year old daughter was invited to a party that was quite a ways from where we live (80 miles round trip). With the price of gas being what it is, I decided to find things to do out in that neck of the woods (seriously-the city is called the Woodlands-Ha!) while she did her thing. She wasn't sure how long she'd stay, but it was safe to bet that it would be at least two hours.

I started my adventure by heading toward the mall. The Woodlands Mall is HUGE! I looked up information about the mall before I left and decided there would be enough there to keep me in trouble (I mean-busy). This mall is AWESOME!!!! I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch at PF Changs. I guess I didn't realize that it's unusual for a party of one to want to sit at a table and enjoy the surroundings. They kept trying to put me at the bar! I told the host that a table in the other part of the restaurant would be just fine. I was seated. The waiter came over with a very perplexed look on his face. The look he gave me was "um, is anyone else joining you? Because I don't think I can remember my "speech" with just one person looking at me". As I perused the menu, I felt like I was being watched. I looked up. Several of the wait staff was standing off to the side, looking in my direction, and whispering! I got out my mirror as I was certain that something must have been hanging from my nose! Nope-all clear! I go back to looking at the menu and feel that same "someone's looking at me" feeling. I look up. Several patrons were watching me. It was very apparent that people are watching you and talking about you when the people are turning around and looking at you! I ask you, is it THAT unusual for a person to eat by themselves at someplace other than McDonalds?

I made it through lunch. Walked the mall. Bought a few needless items. Then called my daughter as two hours had passed. Is she ready to leave? Noooo. Things are just getting started. I ask her if I have time to go to a movie. She told me to go for it. So off I walk to the theater to watch "40 Year Old Virgin". I laughed my A** off! I totally enjoyed the movie. I did make one observation. There was a man sitting in front of me, alone, about my age. I was guessing that he was there alone for the same reason I was - passing time while pacifying teenagers! I considered starting a conversation with him but thought better of it. I didn't want to send mixed signals! We both sat on the end of our rows. It was funny watching people walk up the steps looking for a spot. When the previews started, he had an empty seat on his right as did I. I guess people assumed we were both waiting for someone. During the previews, as people would wander in searching for a seat, I was mentally willing them away from the empty seat beside me wondering if the man in front of me was doing the same! I must send a much stronger mental message as, the last person came in and sat in the seat beside him!

Although I often crave "alone time", I have to admit it was not as fun doing all of this without sharing the adventure. I don't know how many times I was pondering the purchase of an item and craving the company of someone to discuss it with. I think my lunch would have been a little more enjoyable as well if I had someone to share it with. The movie was great, but I did miss having a companion to laugh with when it was over. All in all it was a good day; but I definitely would have had more fun sharing it with someone!

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