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Sunday, August 28, 2005 The New Blog On The Block

OK.....yes.....this is a shameless mommy moment! I didn't find out until mid July, but my son has created a blog. His topic of choice of course is SPORTS. You would have thought that we raised him with a football instead of a teady bear and put Gatorade in his bottle (but we didn't). I'm thankful that he doesn't have aspirations for the NBA, NFL or MLB because we all know how realistic that would be. But we have always told him to follow his passion and find a way to make a living at it, so for the last 4 years he has decided that he wants to be a Sports Broadcaster.

At 16, he can pretty much give you any statistic you want to know about football, baseball and basketball. He doesn't post everyday but between school, HS football, and scouts, he has a lot on his own plate (especially now that he realizes the importance of grades to get into college). Anyway, link on over to his site and say hello. Be warned that the boy is opinionated (he gets it honestly) so be nice.....remember he is a minor!

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