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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 The Cattle Call!

Yep….it was that time of year again! It’s when they round up all the parents and set them loose in the hallways to find their kids classes and meet their Teachers…ahhhh yes…High School Open House. Last year, I made the mistake of going with hubby. Of course, he gripped and complained, because it is confusing, crowded and a pain (you know where). I also made the mistake of saying “Good God…it’s like a cattle call.” That was all the ammunition hubby needed. As we were making our way through crowds, he proceeded to “moo” and sometimes rather loudly. Yes everyone around us had a great laugh over his antics but I’m married to him! I would ease myself away from him but somehow he would find me.

So this year I had to go solo. Hubby and son had another extracurricular engagement at another school so they couldn’t go. It was a lot more mannerly this time (still chaotic), but not quite as entertaining. Of course the real fun was when all the parents (from grades 10th, 11th, and 12th ), tried to leave the school all at the same time. Then I started mooing.

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