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Thursday, September 01, 2005 Help is Needed

As I climbed out of my soft, warm bed in my air conditioned house and turned on the light in my bathroom so that I could pee in my flush-able toilet, then wash my face with clean, warm water, and take a nice, steamy shower; I realized I take tasks like these for granted every day. The ability to experience this would now seem like a luxury to the people displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

As I ate my cereal with fresh, cold milk, I thought of the mother who didn't know where the next meal she would feed her family would come from, as their home was destroyed by Katrina.

As I sat stuck in traffic on the freeway that was more like a parking lot contemplating how much I really don't like my job; I thought of the father who's job may no longer exist due to Katrina.

As I washed my son's dirty, stinky football clothes and thought with excitement about the game coming up this Friday; I thought about the young man who should be experiencing the best time of his life as a Sr. in High School who may not have a school to go to or a football field on which to play.

I think you all get what I'm trying to say. Although each of us as individuals may not have been affected by Katrina; we as a country certainly have. I grew up in Pennsylvania and have never experienced a hurricane. My husband, a native born Texan, has and tells about his experience living through a hurricane here on his blog.

We've seen the pictures and have heard the stories, but when you meet someone who has been affected by Katrina and hear their story first hand, it really hits home. My boss's daughter-in-law is a news reporter for the ABC affiliate in Houston. They sent her to New Orleans to cover the aftermath. She shared some stories with us. One of the stories that she shared really hit home. She interviewed a mother who cried while she told how blessed she is because, even though she's lost everything and doesn't have money to stay in a hotel or family to go to, her children are safe and will be sleeping beside her on the dry street corner.

Don't wait to see if the victims get what they need. Please step up and help now. Anything would be more than what these people have. My understanding is that a cash donation to the Red Cross will go a long way. If you live in Houston or the surrounding area, our Astrodome will now serve as temporary housing for the next eight to twelve weeks for the victims that can get here. There is a great need for volunteers to do whatever is needed. As you lay your head on your soft pillow, think of the mother who is leaning against a cement wall trying to get a few minutes of sleep.
Please keep all of these families in your thoughts a prayers. If you feel inclined to contribute to the Red Cross, click on the link below and it will take you to their site.

To make a donation, click on the picture!

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