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Saturday, September 10, 2005 Accident Update

It's 24 hours later and things are definitely looking up. The girl who hit me hit me so hard, the numbers from her license plate were indented into my bumper. I went to the police station to file a report and the officer confirmed the number. He asked me what I remember about the car. I was pretty sure it was an older model Honda, mostly primer, no paint, and a metal bumper. He ran the plate and guess what, that plate belongs to the owner of a 1990 Honda!

State Farm is my insurance company and I can't say enough about how wonderful they are! As my agent took down the information, I expected her to say "OK you dumb shit, why did you leave the spot where the accident occurred and try to move to a parking lot!" She didn't. She was incredibly concerned about whether I was hurt. She told me that this is handled as an uninsured/under insured which means I have higher levels of coverage and a lower deductible. I'm still pissed that I even have to pay anything, but in light of the license plate information, the lawyers in my office told me not to worry. State Farm had everything set up at the body shop and car rental place before I got there. (I have to insert that, due to hurricane Katrina, car rentals are hard to come by. State Farm has an agreement with Enterprise to keep a certain number of cars in reserve. They set me up with a Cadillac CTS! Holy shit Batman!) Everyone was so kind and the whole process was very efficient! Way to go State Farm! The State Farm claims adjuster assigned to my case even called me at home last night to make sure that I was all right and told me not to hesitate getting medical treatment if needed.

Immediately after the accident, I was running on adrenaline. When everything settled down, I realized the pain in my neck & back was to the point of not being able to sleep. After a nice codeine & Ibuprofen cocktail, it was off to la la land! My back and neck are a little stiff and sore today, but now my shoulder, chest and pelvis are hurting most likely from the seat belt. My right knee and shin are very tender. I must have hit the dash.

Jeez, what a long update. All of this is so minor considering what could have happened. I am in much better spirits now since the police and State Farm assured me that I did the right thing considering the situation (oh yea, and driving the Cadillac makes it a little easier to handle). Everything is moving forward and the cost to me will be minimal. Now I can concentrate on finding the bitch that did this!

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