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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 Our Podcast is Back! Check out The Real Women Show #11

The Real Women Show #11 (MP3 - 23Mb - 60min)

We’re baaaacckkk! We took a week off to cope with all of the happenings down here along the Gulf Coast. We’re happy to be back and in full swing.

We devote a portion of the show to conversation about Hurricane Katrina and how it has affected our lives. We share some stories of how the United States as a nation is pulling together.

Oh No! Say it isn’t so! Does Sheri’s 15 year old daughter have her 1st boyfriend?! Find out what evil ways Sheri used to make sure the three “couples” stayed honest while “hanging out” at her house.

We then venture off into a discussion about a post SuZan did regarding women and aging. Do you act your age? In what ways does your body remind you that your are not 20 anymore?

Stay tuned to find out which blog we chose to be our “Blog Pick Of the Month” for September. Nope, I’m not going to tell! You’ll have to listen to find out!

After a short break we share this weeks “Reasons to Celebrate Being a Woman”. Who is our “Extraordinary Woman of The Week”.? It could be you! Yes, YOU! Our pick this week went through a horrible experience during the peek years of her life. She is truly and inspiration.

Can you believe it-we actually ran out of things to talk about before the timer went off. Never fear, we pulled a few “tips n’ tricks” out of our hats to fill the gap!

We hope you enjoy the show. We certainly enjoyed putting it together. Until next week remember….We are NOT Martha Stewarts; we are NOT Queens of Clean; we are REAL women, in an UNREALISTIC world, trying to keep it real!

PS: We would like to throw out some props to Sheri’s wonderful husband James from jkOnTheRun for his technical assistance and to Emmitonline for the bodacious (yes, we are a product of the 80’s) song entitled “Felicity Bangg 2005 Remix”.

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