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Thursday, September 22, 2005 Is She Coming???? Hurricane Rita, That Is

Now that I'm not so emotional (yeah, right-I'm ALWAYS emotional), and everything that can be done did get done, I thought I'd sit down and post a little update. The news is now showing that Rita is going more to the Northeast. Of course, they keep saying things like "It could still come", or "it could get stuck and bounce back", or "we really can't tell which direction it may go"! Personally, I'm starting to read this as their way of saying "you better stay tuned because we get more money the more we are on the air". A little bitter-nah. Frustrated-maybe. Now I can completely understand why people in New Orleans didn't leave at the first mention of Katrina. I'm not even going to tell you how much unplanned expense this has added to my budget. Not to mention the impact this has had on our life. To be honest, I don't think that we would have reacted the same had it not been for Katrina. I do feel that is better to heir on the side of safety than the other way around.

Enough of that. I promised a 1st person point of view from someone who hasn't ever been through a hurricane. At one point today, I was so confused from all of the information that was coming from the media, friends, family, etc., I found that I was running around in circles starting several projects and not finishing anything. I was doing unimportant things like making the bed, vacuuming the floors, stupid stuff like that. When I talked to SuZan, I found that she was doing some of the same. Why were we doing this? I don't know. It was like I really wanted my house to look nice in case something bad happened. Kind of like wearing clean underwear in case you're in an accident.

The dogs were acting strange today as well. They wouldn't leave our side. They were begging to go for a walk today which was not at the top of my list of things to do. But I did. My daughter went with and took some video of the path near our house that also serves as a retention area. When Allison hit in 2001, the ditch was full to the top with water. We took some before shots and plan to take some after if we get the rain they are calling for. We did notice how hot and still it was. Even the dogs were tuckered after only a short distance and didn't pull when we turned around to go home. There was also an eerie silence in our neighborhood. Usually the trail is filled with families walking dogs, running, kids on bikes, etc.

Everything is done. I made a good, hot dinner with the thought that this may be the last real dinner we have for a while. I'm about to go soak in the tub with the thought it may be the last time a enjoy that luxury for a while because we may be filling it up tomorrow to have water to flush the toilets, etc. I'm planning on making everyone take a shower tomorrow afternoon in my shower (I have a stand-alone shower as I'm planning on filling all of the tubs with water). I guess all we have left to do is wait. My son asked if I could take him to buy a video game on Saturday. My answer to him was "I don't know." I guess it depends on the weather. Now I know how my kids feel when they want something or want to go somewhere and I tell them to wait! Ugh!

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