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Thursday, September 22, 2005 Awaiting Rita!

Well we are just about ready. I had all intension to go out today and see our niece who just had her first baby LAST NIGHT (too bad it is a boy or she could name the baby Rita). So welcome baby Austin I guess we are having a “blow out” for your birth.

We decided that we were going to stay. I was successful yesterday getting things we may need and getting some cash for afterwards. Big G and G2 are doing a great job getting us prepared, heck they picked up plastic sheeting I guess to condom the house. After I finish all the dastardly laundry, the guys are setting up my “cooking station” on the washer/dryer in the garage. I guess now I’m thankful that we have so much damn camping equipment (I always cringe when Big G goes to REI).

Like at Sheri’s, the sweet fairy has hit our house. I don’t like to keep stuff like this because I’ll eat it. We have filled all empty water bottles, water bladders, empty two liter bottles, and I purchased two additional cases of water bottles so it is safe to say we have plenty of water. Of course I had the need to stock up on TP (I'm funny that way). Big G taped up windows (he used what plywood we had and boarded up G2’s window…I guess that’s that father instinct coming out), and we have our “plan B” in place if needed.

People here have gone nuts! You cannot find any gas around here, not to mention that the shelves are empty in the grocery stores. Traffic leaving the city is horrific and that’s why I decided I wasn’t going to the Hospital to see our niece. I was supposed to work at another Hospital this weekend but thankfully they called and said that they were not providing therapy and not to come in. So we wait and we pray.

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