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Saturday, September 24, 2005 Whew! All Are Well

We were very fortunate here in Cypress. Granted we have no power and the temperature is rising, but we are all well. I expect we will have power this evening because we saw the electric company trucks out in forse. I can't load any pictures yet but Sheri and I both will post them when power returns.

Big G and I are at his office where they have a concrete building to house all their equipment. It is a female's nightmare; tons of digital and HD cable boxes all around (and remotes to match..lol). But there is phone, a/c, cable and internet (have to get a technology fix). Downtown Houston did get hit with some strong winds because there are windows out all over the place and they are urging everyone to stay away until it is cleaned up. They have announced that our schools will be closed until Wednesday to give those that left time to get back to town.

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