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Monday, September 26, 2005 Desperate Measures for Desperate Housewives

Last night both families got together for a “pot luck” dinner (and yes, we had Ranch Style Beans with the meal). We realized that it was the new season premier of Desperate Housewives. You will never believe that during the high winds of Rita, we NEVER lost cable; but last night we lost cable not only in Houston, but we were told in San Antonio and Austin as well.

Of course we are a resourceful bunch, Sheri pulls out her 2” battery operated TV. Now the humor in all of this is that the darn TV wouldn’t stay tuned on the channel and would start scanning for stronger signals. James told us to go upstairs that we would get a better signal. So off we go to higher ground (of course he was right! darn it!). Now picture this visual, Sheri and I hunkered down upstairs watching a 2” screen TV; James and Gary making fun of us, and all the kids rolling their eyes.

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