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Wednesday, September 28, 2005 Way Back Wednesday!

Yes it is that time again...Mama Duck's Way Back Wednesday. This week's theme is pictures of your sorority or fraternity or one you and your friends made up while in college; in other words...it is all about drinking!

What is sad is that it was easy to find the photos. I didn't belong to a sorority but I would travel with friends at least once a year or I would go back home to Mexico City and visit friends. Can you guess what we would do? You got it....Party!

This first photo was taken in Quebec. That is me staring out into space and yes we would get started on the drinking early. I went on this trip with my best friend whos mother was a travel agent so of course we got a sweet deal on the trip and we had a BLAST!

The next photo was taken in Mexico City. Oh my gosh we had such a good time on those trips! We had all known each other for YEARS so of course when we got together we had to go DRINK!

We were so young and dumb. We even drank when we would go day hiking. There was a stream by a cave we would use for shelter and we would stick the beer in the stream to chill. I can't believe that none of us ever got hurt because we went on this same day hike several times.

And the next day I was usually like this! Those were the days.

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