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Thursday, October 06, 2005 Changing a baby at a Restaurant…YUCK!

I read this article on MSN and it totally grossed me out! I usually don’t read Miss Manners because I feel (hopefully) that I have some common sense regarding situations, but the title itself caught my eye.

“Fast Food Baby Changing Table”

Dear Miss Manners,
Do you think that it's appropriate for a couple with a young baby to change its diaper on top of a restaurant table in a fast food establishment?

I found this to be disgusting and ridiculous. When the parents knew that myself and others were offended, the woman went to the counter to speak with the manager saying that she didn't appreciate the fact that the rest of us thought it was rude.

The manager told her it was perfectly fine to change a diaper on a table.

The most appalling thing was that after the baby was changed, they didn't even bother to sanitize the table. What do you think?

This is just gross folks. Anyone who has had children knows that the production that is deposited into said diapers is…well…just plain fowl! Not to mention that if you open the darn thing the odor not only knocks you out but also everyone else within a half a mile. I find this to be very inconsiderate of these parents; and honestly, do you think you could eat on that table after the dirty deed? Not I, just the odor alone would halt my appetite. I don’t eat at fast food places too often, but don’t they have baby changing tables in the restrooms now?

Click the LINK to see if you agree with Miss Manner’s response.

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