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Monday, December 19, 2005 Christmas Villages

As I have posted before, this is a tradition that was magical for my son and his friends when he was very young. It is a pain in the assets, but I’m always glad that I did once they are finished (don’t ask how I feel about them when it’s time to take them down). The one problem I do have is Mercedes (my cat), she thinks she is Godzilla and walks through this village. So far all she has done is disrupt the snow.

I didn’t put out all of my houses this year, I just don’t have the room or the energy so this will just have to do this year, a village on the bar, and one on the mantle. I love the one on the mantle because for years the fireplace was brick from floor to ceiling with a 4" by 3 ft (also brick) mantle. Big-G built a wood panel surround for me and it is just beautiful.

This last one is on the entry table and totally me, Starbucks! Putting out all the decorations this year not only did I think of family and friends we've known for years, but I also found myself thinking of our new blogger friends and this one reminded me of Meritt.

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