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Friday, December 09, 2005 Self Portrait Friday!


I had posted earlier in the week that I woke up Monday morning to the left side of my face hurting, and thought that I had the mother of all zits forming under my brow. At the time of course I had to pick at it, try to squeeze it and all it did is send bolts of pain throughout my head.

Finally realizing that it was NOT a zit and that in fact it was lymph nodes (by now I have swelling where the arrows are on the self portrait). I conceded and went to the doctor (did I mention that I hate going to the doctor). He said that my throat was irritated and I had an infection and did not know why my throat wasn’t hurting (hello…I am woman…we have high tolerance to pain). So I’m taking Zithromax so we shall see.

Now that it is Friday I think that they are getting better, the big deformity under my brow is still hurting. Who knows what I did trying to squeeze the stuffing out of it….sigh. Now of course I’m wondering why we as women neglect ourselves and let things go a bit too far.

Yours truly,

btw: I never said I could draw!

Update: the swelling under the brow is a result of the swelling of the lymph node (I don't know, along the lymphatic tract ????)...internal medicine isn't my bag...however, it is starting to get better now.

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