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Friday, December 09, 2005 Does Anyone Have Some Xanax? Paxil? Hell, Anything Will Do!

Why? Because two, count em, two of my teenagers got their learner's permit yesterday. You guessed it. Of course, they both insisted on driving last night. My daughter got to drive to school this morning! I think they will surgically be removing the door handle from my hand and fix the hole in the floorboard-where I keep instinctively stepping on the invisible break!

Oy! Why don't they issue a "student driver" sticker or flag that you can hang on the car when your teenager is learning to drive. You all have heard that 60 is the new 45 here in Texas. My daughter was going 35 in a 60. You can just imagine what the cars around us were doing! Then, she turned the brights on instead of the turn signal.

Me: "Your brights are on."
J: "How do you turn it off?"
Me: "Pull turn signal thingy toward you gently."

****Lights go off******

Me: "How did you do that? Just pull it toward you."
J: "I am!"

****Meanwhile, big hulky guy in pick-up truck in front of us starts flipping the bird******

Me: "Let me get it."
J: "No, I have to learn!"
Me: "Yes, but we don't want to get killed in the process. Let me just fix it."
J: "No"
Me: "Damn it! ...seat belt off, reaches over & fixes problem....... Do you want to know what the problem was? She was TURNING the knob instead of pulling it towards her!

Oh-and the best part-this morning she goes to back out of the driveway and puts it into drive instead of reverse. After she backs out, she left it in reverse instead of drive!

SK thinking it's going to be a LONG six months!

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